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GSG has established a strong image as the key agent of change and globalization for Samsung Group.

As the incubation center of high-caliber global managers for Samsung Group, GSG strives to enlarge its pool of global managers through a measured program of organic expansion. GSG aims to hire an increasing number of Global Strategists per annum over the coming years while proactively seeking all opportunities to enhance GSG's and broaden our strategic advisory capabilities. There are 96 members in GSG today, and we hope to recruit 50 new members this year.

In tandem with the rapid growth of Samsung globally, GSG also aims to increase the breadth and depth of its activities within Samsung, with the ultimate goal of accelerating the deployment of GSG alumni to management roles at Samsung affiliates worldwide. Over 40 GSG alumni have been successfully placed into various Samsung offices worldwide, playing key roles in driving Samsung's global growth and transforming Samsung into a premier global company. An additional 50 Global Strategists are expected to transition to management roles within our affiliates over the next two years.